AYO ! While my TOP25 K-Rock/Indie/Folk/Ballad came out a few days ago, we’re going on with my TOP25 K-HipHop/RnB! This TOP gave me a lot of trouble considering my particular interest for the underground scene. But after tearing my hair out for hours, I think I’ve come to satisfying result, so let’s go!

25- Keith Ape – 야만인 (野蠻人) feat. Mike Kills & B-Free (PROD BY RONNYJLI $ TENUP) :

This single became my favorite Keith Ape song and I must say that it reminds me some good memories of his concert in France this year! (My vlog is right here!)

24- Double K – That Boi ft. Justhis, Ann One (Album: Green Wave) :

Two rappers I love and an exceptional singer: what is the people asking for ? Just listen to it, NOW !

23- Bewhy – Scar :

Very good single, solid, whose lyrics are inspired by Park Yeol‘s life, an independence activist who rose against Japanese colonialism in the 20th century.

22- Loopy x Nafla – Internet War :

This single is part of the 25 anniversary project of Seo Taiji’s career. I had talked about it in a TOP Monthly; several artists (BTS, Heize, Crush, etc. ..) have covered the K-Pop veteran’s hits. Loopy and Nafla’s Internet War cover is by far my favorite in this project ! The two rappers really appropriated the title.

21- Kang Seung Yoon x Mino – Door (OST of Prison Playbook):

Yes, you read correctly, an OST in a TOP Hiphop/Rnb! But it must be said that it could very well not be an OST. It’s a great production by Zico, with the always brilliant rap of Mino and let’s not speak of Seungyoon‘s voice… I love it too much!

20- pH-1 – Donut ft. Jay Park (Album: The Island Kid) :

This title is fresh, light and heady ! It’s a nice dose of good humor that will make you understand that … my life is sweet like donut ~

19 – Bill Stax – Better ft. Nafla (Album: Buffet Mixtape) :

I was not convinced by this Vasco album (Yes I still call him by his former stage name), But I still kept the song Better. Despite the pretentious, even macho side of the lyrics, I really hooked on this song !

18- Blacknine – Mirror ft. Wonjae, Ann One :

An absolutely beautiful song ! I really had a big crush on this one, so if it’s not done yet : listen to it !!!

17- Boi B – 번호 (Album: Night Vibe) :

I really liked this solo album of Boi B, especially this song, quite beautiful, smooth and where we completely find Code Kunst‘s borrow, since he produced the sound.

16- Punchnello – Detox :

A solid track, a strong hiphop and an absolutely great rapper !

15- Reddy – Complicated ft. Killagramz (Album: Universe) :

Universe is an album that could have been in my TOP Album of the Year (which will be revealed on January 27th on my channel) so I liked all its songs, but I ended up choosing Complicated. This sound is really cool, I really like Reddy‘s rap and I even liked Killagramz‘s part, with which I usually have some trouble.

14- Laybacksound – 4Hours ft. Lee Bada :

Superb single! It’s a song that struck me a lot at the beginning of the year. I love the mood of the band’s style, Hangyul’s voice and also Lee Bada’s, which I discovered with this song.

13- Suran – Wine ft. Changmo (Album: Walkin ‘) :

I hesitated for a long time between Wine and 1+1=0, but according to iTunes, the one I listened to the most is Wine, so I’m going to trust it ! Anyway the whole Walkin’ album is excellent ! Suran is a great artist and the participation of Changmo with his little rap part is very appreciable !

12- WUTAN – iii ft. Hwaji (Album: Dope Boys Club) :

(I did not find any audio on YouTube, so I put a fancam !)
I did not mention this album in my Monthly TOPs this year, because in the end I did not hang on many of his songs BUT I was particularly marked by iii. This one is really excellent !

11- Tablo x Gallant x Eric NamCave Me In :

WHAT ? This song is not in the TOP10 ?!?! Yes, I know it’s weird… To be honest, it’s one of the songs I’ve listened to themost this year, but I wanted to highlight other artists in my video. Anyway, this collaboration is excellent. A superb RnB track, entirely in English, that brings together three ultra talented artists who wonderfully complete each other ! DO NOT MISS THIS SONG !

10- to 1- :
You will have to wait a little bit to discover it on my video ! In the meantime you can venture on my TOP25 K-Rock/Indie/Folk/Ballad and TOP25 K-Pop (coming out on Wednesday) !

Feel free to give your opinion on the songs and artists that I quoted here as well as to share your own HipHop/RnB songs of 2017 !