AYO ! While 2018 has already begun for a bit more then two weeks, I wanted to go back on my best musical moments of 2017 through three TOP that will actually complete my new video which might move out very soon. So Let’s beggin with my TOP25 about K-Rock, Indie, Folk and Ballads, a.k.a the rejects of the K-Pop community, in which many do not pay attention since they find it too “calm, smooth and sad”… However, nothing’s as beautiful as those musics ! Anyway, let’s start !

25- Gummy – Angel (The Most Beautiful Goodbye‘s OST) :

Gummy is my favorite solo singer… Her voice is very unique and sticks with many different styles even though she is most known for her ballads and OSTs. Angel is a song that totally highlight Gummy‘s style and all I love about her, I can’t help but enjoy it.

24- Motte – Tickin’ :

Motte was a great discovery this year. I think I might have crossed her name more then once but it’s the first time I’m interpellé by her music. The atmosphere of Tickin’ and the voice of the singer are very interesting. We are in a folk vibe with still some jazzy touches coming from the piano : I love it !

23- Monogram – 자각몽
(While You Were Sleeping‘s OST) :

The duet Monogram is also a discovery thanks to this OST ! They debuted this year with The Child, which I haven’t liked that much because there was something reminding me of a cute concept (you know that’s not my cup of tea). But their OST for While You Were Sleeping reveals some maturity from the duo. I really like their harmony and you can let yourself sipping by the atmosphere of this good song.

22- Jambinai – 담담히 적시고나 ft. Park Min Hee (Rebel : Thief Who Stole the People‘s OST) :

Ahh… Jambinai… I had the opportunity to make a hole video about this post-rock band that mixes modern and traditional instruments. You can watch my vlog of their concert in France here. They bring a particularly beautiful traditionnal touch to my TOP. Close your eyes and let the magic operate.

21- 10cm – Hotel Room (Album : 4.0) :

10cm gives us a little more rhythmic, joyful and fresh song here. It’s very appreciable. I could recommendyou the hole album but my favorite track is clearly Hotel Room !

20- Ha Dong Qn – The Maze Of Reality (Album : Polygon) :

I had a little hesitation to choose which track of the album I’ll talk about, but The Maze Of Reality seems to be the good one. A beautiful rock ballad that I’m pleased to contemplate ! Let you ears be invaded by that voice and that instrumental !

19- Eric Nam – 해가 지기 전에 (Mad Dog‘s OST) :

Here is again the OST of a drama I haven’t watched and I probably never will ! Eric Nam got one of those voice… So shooting on this type of tracks so I can’t help but lay and appreciate.

18- BTOB – Missing You (Album : Brother Act) :

The only idol group on this TOP, yeah ! I could have put them with on my TOP K-Pop, but I think this song sticks better here. Missing You is a very beautiful song that particularly highlights the group’s awesome vocals while still incorporating some sublim rap part : I love it !

17- Jung Key – 오늘도 ft. DOKO (Single : Empty) :

Jung Key is an artist I really like as a producer, without being part of my favorites, I still was attracted by this sweet song quite minimalist but sublimated by the soft voice of DOKO.

16- Subin – Strawberry (Single : Circle’s Dream) :

I remember when I told you about Subin in a Monthly TOP … It was in May. I was impressed by the gap between her solo style and the style of her group: Dalshabet. Subin has a great maturity in her solos, a very good voice and I like her style so much! I’m really happy I’ve lingered on it while I didn’t know where it would take me !

15- Car, The Garden – Lost 2 ft. Sunwoo Jung A (Album : Apartment) :

(Sorry for the skating video but I did not find any simple audio of the song)
This one is quite new since it was released last December ! Car, The Garden is an indie rock artist with some rustic effects that I like a lot ! Lost 2 (probably a second part of the title Lost that he had released while he was still called Mayson The Soul) is really the jewel of the album. A pearl you can’t miss !

14- Eddy Kim – 밤 이 오면 (While You Were Sleeping’s OST) :

Besides the fact that I really love Eddy Kim, his OST is clearly my favorite of the drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’. His voice literally carries us, and I have the impression that this song transmits very well the atmosphere of the dream, which is one of the main subjects of the drama (yes, I watched this one)!

13- Huh Gak – Only You :

My little Huh Gak has made a smashing comeback this year with a wonderful ballad like he’ has always known how to do them, with that impressive power. Such a treasure for our little ears !

12- Mina – 11° (Single : Other Way) :

As I said in a Monthly TOP where this song is mentioned, I’m not a big fan of Girls’ Day, but I fell in love with this new solo single from Mina. A very sweet style with a small dose of fragility, I already told you about the fact that I totally imagined my little Joo sing this song!

11- Zitten – Astronaut (Album: UNI-VERSE):

Zitten is the first indie group I’ve known (I think I said it in my 20 Songs TAG…). I could not talk about their album on my channel so I had to catch up here ! UNI-VERSE carries its name pretty well; because listening to these songs will send you to the stars. I did not really know which track to choose, so I turned to Astronaut, a beautiful song, probably a little more rhythmic than the rest of the album.

10- à 1- :
You’ll have to wait a little to discover the TOP10 in my vidéo ! It’s supposed to me revealed… soon !