After A-Pink and TWICE, it’s time for another very popular girlsband I’ve NEVER talked about on my YouTube channel to have its little review on my blog. And this group is Red Velvet. SM Entertaiment’s flagship girlgroup’s debuts (Happiness) had me more horrified than anything else but fortunately for our ears, the group quickly explored other horizons. To be honest, most of their activities have left me relatively indifferent, maybe I would only highlight the title Automatic ; but it would be a lie if I say that Ice Cream Cake and Red Flavor have never trotted into my mind once or twice … But, what about their second full album Perfect Velvet ?

Let’s start with the title track … But first, quick off-topic : Who remembers JQT’s Peek A Boo ? Yeah, It’s a bit old… I Just got a little nostagic when I saw the name of Red Velvet’s song. Anyway ! According to what I said at the beginning of the article, you can guess that I did not expect anything by listening to this comeback, and yet … This is a very good title track ! The Tropical House elements are well used so the song can stand out from the ocean of songs of the same style that already exist (and which i’m eventually getting tired of), you feel a little gain of maturity in the group while staying on a light track, easy to listen to, catchy and pretty addictive. This is the first time that I appeal so much to a Red Velvet song but wait and see what I think of the MV !

I do not often detail my impressions about MVs since I have always focused on the music, after all, this is what really matters ! But Peek A Boo… Its chic decor and warm colors are elements that I actually enjoy in a MV. But in the middle of all that, you can feel a… pretty creepy atmosphere. And this is where it becomes particularly interesting … The presence of a razor and a crossbow with suspicious uses made me think of Russian Roulette‘s MV and its Itchy and Scratchy inspiration. But here we go to the next level !

Peek A Boo seriously reminded me of a remake of American Horror Story (aka my favorite US series)! Doesn’t this house where strange things happen make you think of season 1 (Murder House) ? These cuts where the girls are in red dress in front of the house, or even when they seem to process a ritual around candles, gives them a witch side, as in season 3 (Coven). Their collection of their victims’ shirts reminds me of season 5 (Hotel), where a psychopath with the soul of an artist collected the organs of his victims with the theme of the 7 deadly sins. Well, looks like Red Velvet is more into pizzas, but that’s good too ! And this mini plot-twist where they make a fake love story that would allow this poor pizza delivery man to escape, but which was actually a little perverse game to better enjoy the final tie… It’s twisted enough to respect the spirit of the series : and I love it ! I’m sure digging a little bit more you can find some similarities with Asylum and Cult … But all these elements, as violent and horrible as they are, are shot with a certain lightness. It is obviously much softer (we are in the K-Pop and we are looking for all public contents) and even brings some fun, that’s very appreciable.

Well, that’s not all but there are still 8 other tracks in the album! In fact, I think the rest of this review will be quite fast and much less detailed. The album sends us on some 80s soft disco vibes (Look), some touches of RnB, EDM (I Just), but also more experimental sounds like My Second Date or Attaboy (which is the track that I I liked the least on the album). Not to mention the traditionnal K-Pop ending ballad : Moonlight Melody.

Listening to Perfect Velvet, I simply felt that famous SM style, with that feeling of SNSD / f(x) combination that I had already experienced when Red Velvet debuted. And those who know me a little know that this style is clearly not mine. The quality remains present, it is undeniable, and the girls clearly have voices that hold the road. This is only a matter of taste, but once again I remain indifferent to the songs of the group. Which is a shame considering the near-fascination I had for the title track !

For people who would still like to try one or two tracks of the album, I can suggest you Kingdom Come and Perfect 10. And I’ll finally give a 15.5/20 to this album… Do not hesitate to give your own opinions on this one and on its songs ! See ou next time, and do not forget : beware of pebbles !