It’s Christmas ! The music industry brings back its snowflakes and its reindeer headband to set the mood with more or less interesting songs. From this magnificent Christmas classics to this thirty six thousandth cover that we totally done of; through the warm and wonderful atmosphere of this holidays or by the deja vu and boring track we won’t even bother to approach, ranging from cute to joyful, from nostalgia to sadness, Christmas special releases are quite at the rendezvous, and there are for all the tastes !

But in the middle of all this stirring house, the goblin we will be interested in is none other than the lovely Taeyeon. The leader of SNSD (or what’s left of it) decides to release her first solo Christmas album, “This Christmas – Winter Is Coming“. Let’s not comment on the Game Of Thrones reference.

Looking at the tracklist, we could think that Taeyeon has prepared many covers of great classics (This Christmas, Let It Snow, Christmas With You) which aroused both my curiosity to hear her voice on these famous songs, but also a small restraint since making so many covers remains an easy solution at this time of the year… In the end, these titles are only optical illusions ! These are brand new original songs, phew !

To be true, the first track, The Magic of Christmas Time is actually a cover. Entirely in English and originally sung by Bodine; it’s still with Taeyeon‘s version that I discover this song. This is not a classic, since released last year, but it could become one ! The track is soft, the melody soothing and comforting, and the instruments chosen bring just the touch of magic needed in this period : I am speechless ! Taeyeon‘s voice fits so well on the track that my preference will be on her version.

The title track This Christmas is a slower nostalgic ballad, full of emotions. It always allows to feel located in the desired time. I really liked the variations between soft passages and power ups, especially when the song explodes in the last parts. I just love it !

Let It Snow is more rhythmic and dancing but does not distort the Christmas spirit that I find without worry in that more retro-jazzy beat. We have here a playful and warm atmosphere more than appreciable, I validate once again !

The first notes of Candy Cane gave an impression of All I Want For Christmas Is You, I think we can say that it kinf of the same spirit as this famous Christmas hit ? Taeyeon is pushing even more energy thrown with the previous track with a more current pop style. It is a very nice song, which I may be less love but which still completes this album very well.

Christmas Without You brings us back to calmer and sadder tones, as the name suggests, it’s about being alone “without you” during these holidays. It’s a nice track, but it’s much less marked. I think it’s the one that will stand out the least from the album.

We stay in the slowness with Shhhh‘s very retro style that easily reminds me of The Barberettes (who has also released a Christmas album, if you’re interested, their cover of Oh Holy Night is beautiful !). It’s a style that I like a lot, we can feel that Taeyeon totally appropriates the vocal attitude that goes with it, this husky voice, pretty seductive maybe even sexy… I’m conquered !

I’m all ears is a last ballad, very nice. These are the words of a person who is trying to support another in a difficult time… No need to tell you what it makes me think of. In short, it’s a song that I liked and that beautifully finish this album.

I’ll be clear, clean, and precise: I literally fell in love while listening to this album and writing this review. I’ve always been pretty strict with made-in-kpop Christmas songs because I’m very attached to my classics, and for me, it’s these classics that send us back to the Christmas spirit at its best. Its magic, its cozy atmosphere, comfortable and comforting…

It is with great amazement that I find that Taeyeon transmits these same feelings in his album. The traditional Christmas codes are wonderfully well used and still allow her to vary the styles in each of her tracks, as she always does in her albums. So it’s a big 18.5/20 that I attribute to “This Christmas – Winter Is Coming”, which becomes my best Christmas album I’ve ever heard in the K-Pop industry !

I hope you liked this special Christmas review ! Do not hesitate to give your opinion on the album, the songs and Taeyeon, as well as give a note as I did ! See you very soon for the last two reviews of the year, and in the meantime I wish you an Extraordinary Christmas !