AYO ! Let’s go for a small album review series for this month ! The first album you chose on social networks is MONTAGE by Block B ! The group is back after a little more than a year following a succession of solo and sub-unit activities. Their last album Blooming Period and its delicious Toy had received a good reception… despite some complaints from the most septics about the lack of madness like in Nalina / Very Good. What about their new album ?

Well, we can say that My Zone is a pretty strong start ! The track is actually a Korean version of their first Japanese album‘s title track, released on last October and which is also used for a LG advertisement. My Zone mixes both jazzy and groovy elements with some tend-towards-hiphop passages and a dance atmosphere. The song is good frenzy, I love it !

The group seems to play with retro and funky effects in this album. The title track Shall We Dance remains in this perspective and it’s more than effective ! Block B is in its element, the music is catchy, what is the people asking for ?

일방적 이야 is also here to move us. Its reggae sounds mixed with some electro elements form a cool track that could bring us back in summer. This track is gonna be my must listen of the album !

The excitement goes down while the group’s vocals take care of the beautiful ballad 이렇게. The vocal line is often put in the shadow of the rappers, this song thus allows to focus on the singing abilities of the four members. The style of the song is still very common, although pleasant, I guess it will often be considered as an “easy” track.

Then the album ends on a B-Bomb solo that he also co-composed and wrote : Give & Take which is more R&B and rather sexy, it must be said ! B-Bomb finally has the opportunity to dazzle us with his own light, and I can only appreciate that.

My descriptions and opinion of the songs are quite short, but it must be said that the album itself is actually short. Short, BUT effective ! Each of the 5 tracks have their own charms and are very well distinguished from one another; I would still not hide my preferences for the three tracks of OT7 and my little neglect for the vocal line’s song. The production, to which the members (mainly Zico and Park Kyung) obviously participated, is rich and quality, and… dammit, this is Block B !

I will give my score of 18/20 to the mini album MONTAGE ! Do not hesitate to give your opinion on the album, the songs, the group, as well as to give a note as I did ! On this, see you soon for a next review, and do not forget : beware of pebbles !