Beware of pebbles !


Witches, wizards and muggles from around the world, welcome.

I assume the launch of this blog requires a little introduction… I am Bobby Babo. I’m sure most people reading this are some friends or mutuals from Twitter and Facebook or other SNS but still, if you’re here only by chance, you can get to know me a little more on this page of the blog.

This blog will mainly contain album reviews of some korean albums. I’m basically going to give my opinion about an album, its songs, the group/artist in general and sometimes give some details about the context. Of course this will be my very own opinion, I’ll always be asking for you to share yours no matter if we share the same thoughts or not. So do not hesitate to give your opinion, I’ll always respect it as long as you respect the artists and their work and people and their point of view.

Anyway, I let you venture on my few articles ! And do not forget, beware of pebbles !